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FHA 0% Down Program

Anthony G Rega  5-MINUTE READ  October 18, 2023


The Ultimate Homebuyer's Dream: Unbelievable Down Payment Assistance Program

In the world of homeownership, some opportunities are truly game-changers. If the thought of a hefty down payment has been holding you back from buying your dream home, then this program will pique your interest!

No Money Down? It's a Reality!

Imagine stepping into your dream home, feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride, all without the stress of the initial down payment. Sounds fantastical? It's very real!

The groundbreaking Down Payment Assistance Program promises:

  • 0% Down Payment: Yes, you read that right. Zero upfront costs.

  • 96.5% FHA 1st Mortgage: With the backing of the Federal Housing Administration, you can enjoy a relaxed and affordable home buying journey.

  • 3.5% Forgivable/Non-Repayable Grant: This isn’t a mere advantage, it's a golden opportunity. This grant, which is both forgivable and non-repayable, aids in achieving the necessary down payment while also building instant home equity. The clincher? It never needs to be repaid!

1 or 2 Unit Primary Residence - Your Choice

Whether you have your eyes set on a single family, 2-family, approved condo, a charming single/double-wide, or even manufactured housing, this program is tailored to accommodate a 1 or 2 unit primary residence, offering you flexibility based on your needs.

203k Construction Loan & More

The program not only provides incredible financial support but also enables you to customize your new home. With the 203k Construction Loan, you can renovate and remodel to turn your property into the haven you've always dreamed of. And if that wasn't enough, the program also allows for Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers, adding another layer of accessibility and convenience.

Added Perks? Certainly!

Maximize your benefits by combining this program with a 6% seller concession. And remember, there are no restrictions based on income or resale. This program caters to everyone, whether you're venturing into homeownership for the first time or seeking a new investment.


This unparalleled opportunity is available in most states across the nation, except for Washington. Such extensive coverage for a program brimming with perks!

Ready to Embark on Your Homeownership Journey?

The road to homeownership has never appeared clearer. If this program has ignited your interest – and given its incredible benefits, it's poised to – then Anthony Rega is the Mortgage Specialist you need by your side. With a robust 22-year track record in the mortgage industry and a license as an NJ Realtor, Anthony has the expertise and know-how to seamlessly guide you through the complexities of this program.  

With Anthony Rega by your side, you're not just getting insights and details; you're getting a committed partner in your homeownership quest. Don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers; your dream home, and a brighter future, are merely a call away!

Disclaimer: All potential homeowners should consult with a mortgage professional to fully understand the terms, conditions, and requirements of the program.

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